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ooly Silver Linings Markers, Set of 6

ooly Silver Linings Markers, Set of 6

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Color Lustre Metallic Brush Markers are the go-to metallic brush marker for adding pizzazz to any of your projects. 10 bright shimmering metallic colors with brush tip nibs allow you a wide range of creative applications!

You’ll find 10 brightly colored brush markers in the Color Lustre Metallic Brush Marker set and each have a soft brush tip allowing you to make thin and thick lines in one crafty stroke!

The metallic shine in the ink means you can bring a new dimension of color and shine to art and school projects alike! Make your daily planner stand out with a bit of shimmer everyday; your journal will thank you for using these wonderful metallic brush markers!

• 10 metallic brush markers - the beautiful set with an added metallic sheen
• Soft brush tip - draw thick or thin lines
• Suitable for Ages 6 and up

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